Wine, Yes i said wine

  1. Wine, Yes i said wine

    yes i am 21. and my friends love to F'in drink all the time. I dont want to drink beer or hard alcohol because of how fattening and damaging it is. Would 2-3 glasses on a friday/saturday night be damaging?

    alcoholics join in!

  2. red wine is actually extremely healthy to drink every day. for your average guy, about 2 glasses per day or 1 for a woman. very good at helping prevent heart disease.

  3. ya i knew it had some benefits. but i was quite sure if it was gonna damage my muscle growth in any way. but thats great to know. i think ill become a wine-o

  4. Quote Originally Posted by avenue Red View Post
    ya i knew it had some benefits. but i was quite sure if it was gonna damage my muscle growth in any way. but thats great to know. i think ill become a wine-o
    haha that's awesome

  5. lol its my last resort!!!

  6. unless your prepairing for a contest or trying to get to single bf # dont worry about it. Your 21, have fun you will be old soon so enjoy having a few drinks with your buddies.

    Best drinks for trying to not gain weght are bud select for beer and rum and diet coke with a lime. Both under a 100 cals.

  7. Its all about Vodka and diet dr pepper chaser. Get you messed up real quick without a lot of calories. Corndogs got it right though party while you still can, dont worry unless your getting drunk more than once a week that can mess with trying to lean out in my experience.

  8. Red wine in moderation (1 or two glasses per day) is healthy. Resveratrol, the compound that exhibits anti-cancer properties and provides cardiovascular protection, is in fact a polyphenol derivative of red wine. Resveratrol, an anti-aging nutrient, is said to mimic the effects of calorie restriction. Resveratrol is actually at the core of the so-called "French Paradox". French cuisine is dense with rich butter, animal fat, sauces, cheeses, and wines, yet the French enjoy superior cardiovascular protection, thanks to resveratrol in red wine. Nevertheless, it may neither be practically viable nor medically advisable to get your full resveratrol supplementation from red wine alone, as one litre of red wine delivers less than 5mg of resveratrol.
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  9. Yes healthy for relaxing yes.

    Ill only drink a glass or two when Im "taking it easy" MAY50 50 % off
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  10. Wine is the only alcohol I really drink. Usually only if I'm on a date with an older chick. They tend to gravitate to the wine. Plus, it makes you look pretty baller when there are a bunch of people standing around drinking Natty Light and you are standing with your glass of Merlot.

  11. hahaha Natty tastes like dirt water. i generally either drink vodka/juice or wine. i dont know anything about wine tho so its hard to fine like bomb wines


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