Common Cold and not eating

  1. Common Cold and not eating

    right now some of my friends are sick throwing up and i just got a cold. but its not to bad where i cant work out and do my normal routine. the only probably is when i actually eat its making me sick as hell. im trying to have protein shakes once in awhile but i really can only get in water. is this going to hurt me bad or you think i should be fine if i can keep up protein shakes and bcaa's once in awhile?

  2. Yeah don't train man, it will just make you feel worse, besides your workouts will no doubt suck anyway. Just eat whatever you can stomach if your not eating anything at all. Shakes when you can handle them with some oats and protein and anything else you can blend in there. It does suck but recovery is more important then not missing a workout.

  3. Keep some of that Airborne stuff on hand when you feel a cold or the flu coming. I was skeptical of the stuff at first but it works like a charm. Wal-mart and Walgreens both have generics that are a little cheaper.

  4. I mega dose about 20,000 iu's of vitamin D with a Caltrate tab when I feel it coming. If that isn't working within 24 hours then I bust out a product called Lauricidin which is an extract of coconut oil and the combo totally kills off everthing quick like.

    Used this combo twice and it works like a charm.

    Also for alleviating head cold symptoms, try hydrogen peroxide (just grocery store stuff) in the ears. It's an old remedy that also seems to least to unstuff your head.

  5. so load on vitamin D and not vitamin C?

  6. Both will help, but the research on D is pretty compelling.

    Research it more at the Vitamin D Council.


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