The C.H.A. Diet

  1. The C.H.A. Diet

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    C.H.A. DIET
    The Carb Hater's Anonymous Diet:
    The Final Answer on Carbless Bulking & Cutting

    Sometimes we get caught up in dietary extremes. Remember the Grapefruit Diet? Basically, you ate grapefruit. It has thousands of followers. Then you had the no-fat diet, where people would avoid fat like Barry Bondís avoids drug tests. The latter diet example is probably the most disastrous of any widespread diet we have ever seen. The government got behind this fad and started recommending the carb-orgy diets and the food producers soon followed with fat free YUMMY, sugar-laden food that would spike oneís insulin higher than Robert Downey Jr. on Prom Night. On a personal note, Scivation President Marc Lobliner even saw his father lose his life following a version of this extreme and unhealthy government recommended diet to complications from type-two diabetes. This made Marc curious. He began to study insulin and carbohydrate consumption and soon became an advocate of a controlled carbohydrate and low-glycemic diet. Over the years, Marcís body has become a machine and operates best with no carbs at all. He is now the founding member of C.H.A.ó Carb Haters Anonymous.

  2. Okay, I hate carbs, but how's this different from any other low-carb diet?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Al Shades View Post
    Okay, I hate carbs, but how's this different from any other low-carb diet?
    See link -> ::: Scivation Books ::: Click link -> ::: Scivation Books :::

    See "Download" link, click "Download" link.

    See PDF file downloaded, read PDF file.

    Simple bro.

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