Shoulder injury help!

  1. Shoulder injury help!

    I first hurt my shoulder while I was boxing my junoir year in high school. I am now a senoir and it has been reinjured about 4 times. It has never been dislocated or anything like that but everytime i hurt it in down for a few days and for a few weeks I can feel that something isnt right. I changed up my work out and I no longer do flat bench but I do inverse grip because a friend of mine told me It releives stress off the shoulder. I need advice, should i see a doctor, work it out by myself. If so what kind of work outs could I do.
    Thank you

  2. Go to a Doctor... you're too young to mess with hindering ROM for life because you just wanted to "work through it"

    Good Luck bro!

  3. tattoopierced1
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    go to dr. get an MRI. You could have a tear that can be easily fixed.

  4. thanks for your help i will get it checked out

  5. Go to the Doc man... And dont let him tell give you some therapy excersises either... Thats just a ploy they give you when they dont know what they are doing. If he does... go see an Ortho Doc.
    I tore my RC back when I was 19, took lots of pain killers and gave it rest... I was stupid to think it was something I could fix myself... Now i'm 35, have clicks pops and grinds in my shoulder... The injured arm is dramaticaly weaker than the other. I have to take Cissus, CLA, Fish Oils everday to get by... and when I'm lifting lots of Ibuprofin if I go to far with it. One of these days I will get the balls to go have it fixed.

  6. yah i have gone to the doctor before and all i got out of him was ibprofin, ice and rest. It is a reacurring injury wich is worrying me the most. I want to get an MRI to see if there is any real damage for sure becuase i dont want serious injuries or problems in my older years . Thanks for ur input and ur experiences

  7. Re-accuring is right! Everytime I would overdo a night of volleyball... My arm would just go numb... take some Ibu, Ice pack and not sleep on it for the night... I'm back again... And then I would do it all over again!

    Your welcome...
  8. yup...

    Due to a poorly fixed broken arm my AC joint is in serious trouble. I've been working through it for a long time and it's gotten much worse. I am now unable to do any incline bench press exercises, Military press, flyes hurt like hell, my left side on bench is extremely weak therefore my right side overcompensates causing that shoulder to strain too.. The only way to fix this is to saw off part of the shoulder bone to give the AC joint some breathing room... If you have shoulder problems early in life.. Get them fixed, it does not matter how ****ty it can be to rehab it, it's better than having to deal with what I deal with...

  9. if you have insurance. and an injury. your a fool for not seeking help.

    that is all

    -this goes for anyone of course

    mine kicks in 6days WOOOTTT hitting up all doctors haha


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