Fish oil and the pops

  1. Fish oil and the pops

    I was reading on tnation that fish oil helps the joints, not really that new. But my dad is 50, has arthritis, and I am assuming his joints are aching and stiff. Now if I used my dad as a guinea pig per say of 6 g of fish oil per day would he really see a difference over the course of a few weeks?

    Has anybody done this experiment themselves? Results? Dosages?

  2. just bought some fish oil the other day, been taking 1 cap 3 times a day for about 2 days now, Ill let you know in a week

  3. i think you need a high dose to get the anti inflammitory properties from fish oil, not sure if 6 woulddo it depending on bodyweight.

  4. At his age IMO... Fish Oil, CLA and Vit's should be a daily staple... I have my mom and dad on it... Maks a big difference in overall body health. I pesonally like Coro-Mega fish oil. To me its the best stuff out their, taste great, super pure and highly bio-availiable.

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