Need some suggestions

  1. Need some suggestions

    Ok, I am looking to do a cut here in the near future. I have been working out since I was around 16(high school football got me started). I have always been a relatively small guy, no more than 160 lbs. My last job I was a manager at a grocery store... so it was constant walking around and moving. I recently graduated college (GO ME!) in accounting and now I sit at a desk allllll day long. No movement, no physical activity besides on my wrist. I have been at this for around 3 months, and am now up to 180 lbs with a gut out of this world. Grant it, the weight gain has thrown my strength through the roof. Benched 315 and 185x21. Just not so cool about the stomach area. I have ALWAYS been able to see my abs, and not they are not even close to visible. Right now I would much rather muscle than strength. I have attached the workout and diet I plan on following. In word because it won't let you upload excel documents. I am currently (as of this morning) 5'5", 180 lbs, arms-15 1/2" cold, can get them a little over 16 pumped, Quads-21", Waist-an embarrassing 31 1/2". Chest-44".
    As far as supplements go. The only thing I plan on using is Whey Protein, Amino Acids, Glutamine, and Flax.

    PS- I know with what I am trying to do that diet is a majority of it. I need some suggestions for doing it sitting at a desk all day long.

    I guess that's it for now.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  2. well depending on your job... if it allows you access to a fridge that would be a good start

    I would pre weigh everything before taking it to work, seperate foods in tupperware containers.

    Oatmeal- I would use the packets for convienance.
    Apple- pre slice it before taking it to work to make it faster to eat and less messy.
    Protein-You could buy pre made shakes and then simply throw away the empty bottles or bring powder and a shaker
    Tuna- Can purchase this in packets for a less messy convienant way of eating.

    I would suggest keeping some napkins and plastic utensils in your desk.
    Splenda packets to sweeten.
    Some type of thurmis or water bottle that would stay cold would also be a nice addition of you do not have access to a fridge.

    Im not sure if this was what you were looking for or not.. hope i helped some
    I would make some adjustments to your diet but you really seem like you want to use what you have there and thats just fine.. goodluck bro , and keep us posted!!

  3. Stick to whole foods my friend except post workout use predigested whey peptides or hydrosolates.
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