The "Post your diet" thread

  1. The "Post your diet" thread

    Post your diet....

    Make sure to include:

    1- GOAL of diet
    2- how long you've been on it
    3- macro split
    4- height, weight, bf%
    5- any notes or misc. about your plan

    It would be interesting to have a thread that acts like a cook-book of ideas, not only for diets, but for recipes

  2. What the heck. Had this jpg kicking around. When I'm cutting I skip the shake and go for about 2400 kcals. Otherwise 5 meals at about 3000 kcals for bulking. It's a little bit different now but more or less the same.

    150-155lbs <10%bf


  3. Is Novorapid insulin?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rpen22 View Post
    Is Novorapid insulin?
    Yeah, diabetic stuff. Sorry, forgot to mention.

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