Shed weight quickly

  1. Shed weight quickly

    What is the best way to shed weight quickly? My sister is getting married in 2 months and I'd like to be at least 15lbs lighter. Is it possible to lose that much weight in two months? Thanks for your help!

  2. Lots and lots of cardio!!! Also watch what you eat. Don't eat more than 1200 calories a day and you should lose weight rather quickly!! For more advice go to They give good tips all the time.

  3. Thats a little high for 2 months, but not crazy. 15lbs over 60 days is 1 lb every 4 days. @3500 cal per lb you have to be at 875 cal a day under your maintenance. Best bet is to try and only lower eating by 500 cal, and add 375 cal a day of extra exersizes.

  4. Don't go crazy, you'll lose too much muscle and feel like sh!t. Just do daily cardio, eat clean, and cut th carbs late in the day or limit them altogether for a couple months (with some rasonable refeeds). I d suggest carb cycling, actually...

  5. Cardio.. ok got it.. That site is really cool.. it's got lots of great tips.. thanks... but do you guys have and suggestions on the food... like what are some good meals to eat.. and I've heard that more small meals a day are better the 3 decently size meals a day is better.. is this true??

  6. best bet is to only eat complex carbs - whole grain breads + pasta, no direct sugar (so no coke or gatorade except immediately post workout) and even then take in less carbs as you get later in the day. multiple meals are better if you can manage it, as its easier to control the smaller portions in some ways, and you are never really hungry, just always a little hungry

  7. get sick lol

  8. really sick.

  9. 20 min. intense cardio sessions are the best with some BCAA's in your system to preserve muscle. Eat every couple hours to speed up metabolism. Commitment is key.

  10. All GREAT replies... I have a few questions though:

    Age: ?
    Height: ?
    Weight: ?
    Lifting History: ?
    % of BF... or guess/describe what you look like? Do you just have a little layer?

    Are you currently working out? and if so... how, and how often... ?

    These things will help assess the situation... Ideally 1.5 - 2 lbs a week is about the MAX you want to lose, so that you don't burn off muscle... Given that.. that's 12 - 16lbs... so I think it's doable.. but START NOW!!

    Slow and methodical is key... don't 1/2 ass it, then panic at the end looking for a magic solution... Doing 30minutes of cardio 3 - 4 times a week should do the trick... try doing it at a relatively decent pace... enough to get a good breathing pattern going, and break a light sweat... Food will be important... what you eat and when... To keep it simple... eat 6 times a day... the first 3 meals should include all yer complex carbs... try staying away from bread and pasta... and choose brown rice, and oats...

    Take your current body weight, and eat 10 - 12 x that in calories a day... see how it goes... do NOT eat under 1200... I wouldn't even dip lower then 1500...

    Try something like this:

    Meal 1:

    Make a shake out of protein, ground oats, berries, and water... get some flax/Udo's choice oil in there too...

    Meal 2: Have some more oats and egg whites, an apple maybe?

    Meal 3: (lunch) THIS should be your last complex carb meal... so you can have brown rice here... with protein of course... throw in some green leafy stuff for good measure...

    Meal 4, 5: Try eating lean protein (chicken, fish, egg whites, etc...) and a PILE of veggies...

    As your last meal... you COULD have 1/4 - 1/2 cup of cottage cheese... or just a straight up whey shake...

    So ya... eat all yer 'carbs' in the first 3... none in the last 3... drink WATER... avoid dairy... no booze... just kinda use common sense... if it tastes REALLY good, and you figure you MIGHT not be able to have it... odds are you shouldn't... eat for performance/health... not for taste... and if you have to add dry seasonings/spices to things... Also.. remember CONSISTANCY is KEY!! for real.. don't have ass it... make it a lifestyle change... not a short-term goal solution...

    Oh yea... and DRINK YER WATER!! lol (I would shoot for .66oz/lb body weight.. or just drink about a gallon... )

  11. Quote Originally Posted by lovemuscle View Post
    Lots and lots of cardio!!! Also watch what you eat. Don't eat more than 1200 calories a day and you should lose weight rather quickly!! For more advice go to They give good tips all the time.
    Worst advice ever. 1200 cals a day? Your body will go into starvation mode, use muscle for fuel, and store fat if you ever increase the cals too high. You'll lose muscle and keep the fat... yeah great idea.


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