Recent Lactose intolerance.

  1. Recent Lactose intolerance.

    Ive been looking around trying to find info, can anyone elaborate or maybe share stories or info to help with my understanding of what may be happeneing in my body.

    Recently i began having adverse effects to dairy more so with milk, after ingesting i immediately became gassy, cramping, bloated and had a churning sensation in my stomach. I realise this doesnt just happen all of the sudden and i may have over looked some of the symptoms leading up to my intolerance. I wonder if something i have done, my diet, my supplement history, or my drug usuage may have accelerated or casued this condition. Why at 25 does my body not produce lactase or do so poorly? Anyone else have this happen? as i have not heard from anyone i know that it has.

    Ive severly cut or stopped my dairy consumption cheese isnt too bad, yogurt and milk are really bad. I LOVE dairy so this really sucks, i also picked up some enzymes to aid general digestion and particularily before certain meals. For $4.50 there is a milk with lactase in it so you can drink and enjoy like normal, so i will drink this until i can stand rice or soy but they arent the same taste. This could be great as i am now trying to eat more veggies and have more raw veggies as these are important for vitamin intake and digestion.

    In the past i would get really full with certain meals, alot of really horrendous gas, volatile BM's, and bloating. This hindered making meal deadlines and compromised appetite. Is your body telling you something that i failed to notice?

  2. Lactaid FAst Act helps me immensly. I used to eat dairy all the time with no problems then suddenly, as if overnight, I would get terrible gas from it. TERRIBLE. It was horrific. I can pass gas more than 200 times from one glass of milk.

    I swear I could run a car from the methane I produce. The only thing that helps is taking Lactaid Fast Act at the same time I have any dairy. If I drink a glass of milk, I usually have to take two or more pills. One pill can usually work fine with 1 slice of cheese.

    This all started when I was roughly 16. The "lactaid milk" at 100% works fine too. It took me years to figure out the problem. Thankfully theres a solution.

    Make sure you read ingredients. Alot of protein powders and meal replacement bars have lactose in them.

    Good luck!

  3. I had the same gas / bloating. Stopped drinking milk. I use it on cereal now and then with no problems but don't do it daily or yogurt.

    I add frozen banana to water for my shakes now.....yummmm!

    Much Love,


  4. Thanks for the replies guys, as a side note dairy consumption is also responsible for bloating and chronic congestion as it causes mucus production even in "normal" individuals. I used to wake up hack, blow my nose... and i wasnt sick, cut the milk cut the mucus.

  5. milk is very acidic and prolonged use of it can lead to the bacteria lining our intestines to react badly to its presence. in other cases there is a problem with absorption, your enzymes don't break down the lactose fully when its passed into your blood stream. basically u have a food allergy.

    Look at getting in touch with a naturopath. They often are able to treat underlying causes which are triggering your intolerance. Doctors will probably just prescribe you some pills which introduce enzymes to help break down the lactose, but this is just a band aid , not a long term cure.

    Up your intake of fruit and veg and water, and research detox. Ive a friend who had a severe intolerance to wheat and dairy who after a very thorough detox of his very over acidic body, found he could tolerate dairy and wheat again as long as he didnt over consume, and continued to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg.

  6. I'm not sure why we are so pro-milk, I mean I'm not Anti-Milk by any means since I drank it since birth and religiously during my teens. I was the kind of kid that used to drink like 4 pints a day. Now though after reading some of the related material, I honestly don't need it.

    The only selling point they had was calcium but considering there's probably very little nutrional value in milk these days, more likely getting steroids from the cows etc, you're probably doing yourself a favour by NOT drinking milk / dairy products.

    I'm not saying give up entirely but cutting down is a beautiful thing. Your body is giving you feedback, you can listen or you can try to tell it, it's wrong

    Much Love,



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