Nut fat?

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  1. Peanut Butter is the "Staff of Life" IMO. Natty pb is a staple, but I like almond butter even better. Trader Joe's has some rasonably priced varieties of all those, plus goodies like tamari (sesame seed butter), cashew butter, and others. These are all good fats. Not Omega 3's, but with good amounts of omega 6 and 9's.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    cashews are my 2nd favorite nuts.
    I'm flattered.

  3. Hey Sinner,

    Can all of these things be found at "Kroger" or "Meijer"? Also, you mention "Raw Peanuts" in the recipe...Does that mean that I leave the shells on when making the pb? I know it might be a dumb question lol, but I just wanted to be sure! Also, is the calorie count and such around the same as normal pb? Also, Is it ok to add extra protein powder to this?

    Sorry for all the Qs. Thanks for the help!

  4. Eating nuts is definately a good idea for a snack.. but eating anything in excess is bad for you...

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    Eating nuts is definately a good idea for a snack.. but eating anything in excess is bad for you...
    Yes it is. I don't eat a whole tub everyday. I am lucky to consume 3 tablespoons a day. Which is only a serving and a half when looking at normal pb. Lately I have switched to reduced fat extra crunchy skippy. It is really good!

  6. "Cashews are delicous but useless."


    CALORIES: 584 cal/100g (146 cal per handful)

    BENEFITS: Rich in iron, containing twice the amount of most other nuts. Just 50g (25 cashews) provides 3mg of the 11mg needed each day by women.

    Cashews are also rich in zinc, essential for a robust immune system and healthy skin, and vital for fertility in both men and women (25 nuts provide a third of our daily 9mg zinc needs).

    They also contain magnesium and copper which help prevent heart disease and promote strong bones. The high magnesium content could also help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

    DISADVANTAGES: Too many can be fattening, particularly if eaten as part of a Chinese or Indian takeaway where the cooking oil and sugar content will outweigh any healthy benefit. "
    Here is the thread that has a great breakdown on all the nuts
    Almonds Boost Your Bones And Cashews Make You Fertile
    Good read !


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