b12 injectable

  1. b12 injectable

    whats an average dose for b12 injectable?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by motive View Post
    whats an average dose for b12 injectable?
    first off, whats your MOTIVE for using it?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by RisingAgainst View Post
    first off, whats your MOTIVE for using it?
    oh, nice pun.
    well, ill be completely honest. i have about 20 vials that i got free. i know alot of people like it for energy and mood control.

  4. It varies. But I have used up too .5cc's 4x/week.

  5. It is my dream to do this. Where do you get the injectable b12?

  6. a girl i work with got it from her doc. she takes 1 ml once a week

  7. 1 mL per week usually works well enough. There is no LD50 for b12 but it's just a matter of finding the amount your body seems to be lacking. Subjective, I know.

  8. 1ml EOD for me when I took it.


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