protein intake timing

  1. protein intake timing

    I workout at night so most (70%) of my protein is ingested during the day prior to my working out. Is this ok? Or is the protein being wasted?

    thank you

  2. well you gotta figure that you're taking in relatively high amounts of protein every day and that includes off days.. and all that protein isn't just going to waste--its going to continue to help your body repair, etc, regardless of when you are planning your next session, ya know? I would make you sure you get a substantial amount in post-w/o and atleast one or two more servings before you hit the hay (don't know when you typically pass out!).. but in short, no, the protein you're taking in during the day is not going to waste as it serves to help you recover from prior sessions.. that is why it's recommended to take 1-1.5 grams of protein/lb eeeevery day.. good luck with your training mushy!

  3. thanks Red I'm off to down my "Torrent"!

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