Critique the **** outta this!

  1. Critique the **** outta this!

    I revamp my diet every few months when I make a major transition (aka moving from home to college or the opposite). So could you please give me some quick feedback on the diet as far as content and timing...thanks. I am 6"0 180lbs and bulking. I am all natural and this meal plan yields 2900-3000 cals= 300g carbs 250g protein 70g fat. Do the macros seem ok? Too much Protein?

    Meal 1
    1 cup oats
    6 egg whites
    .5 scoop whey
    10 almonds

    Meal 2

    1.25 cups brown rice
    5 almonds
    5oz chicken (uncooked)

    Meal 3

    Meal 4
    Same as Meal 2 and add 1/4 cup more brown rice.

    Meal 5 Postworkout
    35g drextrose/creatine
    25g Protein

    Meal 6
    Same as meal 2

    Meal 7 Bed
    1/2 cup ff cottage cheese
    or 1 scoop muscle milk

    ****Note: Weekly I will switch the meat and carbs sources of my primary meals. Ex: Beef instead of chicken and Quinoa or wheat pasta instad of brown rice. I am trying to make most of my protein sources whole, but I hate using close to a dozen eggs every morning for the whites and would rather have a little whey in the morning (workin on it though). The muscle milk is occasional, but I use it when I get the urge lol. I wish I could do a meal all the time rather than the MRP but I have exactly 5 min to get from one class to the next and a complete meal is just not possible. Please add any comment or suggestion....I would really appreciate it.

  2. fruit and veg?

  3. fruits and veggies

    Sorry about that, I forgot to add that I often have 1/2 to 1 cup green beans with my whole food meals and I throw some blueberries in my oats in the morning. Anything else?

  4. I would go with more protein. 2g per body pound. And if your a hard gainer like I am you will need lots more good fats like olive oil(workds good in shakes), flax, ect. lower your carbs alittle and raise your protein and fats. Every one is different so you'll just have to go by trial and error for what kind of P/C/F ratio works for you, but the way I outlined works well for me.
  5. ?

    I have a hard time putting on quality mass when I bulk. I seem to easily gain fat and be a hardgainer musclewise (small frame+easy fat storage). I always though you only needed 1g per lb of protein...I am pushing 1.5g and I am not on any anabolics. Maybe fats could go up though, I save them for later in the day.



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