Whats that smell " not protein related"

  1. Whats that smell " not protein related"

    Hi there for about the past two weeks i have very very strong smelling bo when i work or do cardio. The odour seems to be close to ammonia with some skunk and who knows what mixed in. at first i though maybe my feet or something but the smell is mostly coming from my torso. The only thing i could think of that could do this" and i think that because thats all im taking" could be the hypedrive from alr but i have taken it before and this didnt happen. i have never had a problem with body odour people have always been suprised on how active i can be and not smell. Could i be missing somehting.?

  2. Are you cutting? Lo-Carb?

  3. that "ammonia" smell could be the result of your kidneys being under stress. i have a similar problem actually. i had it bad a couple years ago when I was dumb and mega dosing creatine for 2 months nonstop. not as much now, but the smell is embedded in the clothes i used to wear. are you taking any supplements?

  4. Well presently i am cutting more than anything else cardio is up way up and in terms of carbs not really low my diet hasnt changed and in terms of supplements the only thing i am taking is vemon hyperdrive dont even think iv had a shake in about 2 weeks "cant find my shakers lol"

  5. are you taking alcar at really high dosages? it can cause a fishy odor
    also do your armpits itch really bad? are they really dry? could also be some sort of fungus, like jock itch as it can cause some narly odor

  6. Try a brand new set of clothes...not just washed. You may have bacteria in you clothes. If your overloading your washer, or leaving your clothes sit around for too long before washing, you may have bacteria living in them. Try less clothes per load, washing in warmer water, using oxyclean, etc.

  7. I get it every once in awhile It was explained in a post I seen somewhere. You could try google searching ammonia body odor and stuff should come up.

  8. It could be a kidney issue form not having adequate fluid intake. The extra cardio is burning off your glycogen, which is also effecting your hydration levels. Try increasing your fluids and electrolytes.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  9. Gotta love am thankyou for the help. As for the clean clothes ill try some brand new ones and throw in a small load i hot water to see if that could be something and for the water intake i drink about 1-2 gallons of water a day and thx for the link i had looked around on am but got alot of " omg i smell from preotein posts" and on yahoo i got things on smelling like ammonia but nothing relating to this. thanyou very much.

  10. oh and no i am not taking alcar and i dont think i have any fungus thats one of the first things i checked and checked again when i read your post lol.

  11. It's nothing to worry about. I recently had the same thing. Here's some info that helped me.

    "The reason this happens is ammonia is a by-product of protein metabolism. When you run hard and long, your body burns protein and carbohydrates for fuel. When the carbs are burned off (or there isn't adequate carbohydrates), the distinctive ammonia smell presents itself.

    The fact that ammonia is produced doesnít mean the smell is noticeable afterward. Usually the smell is only present when there is the carb deficit. This increase the ammonia levels in your muscles and the ammonia is then picked up by your blood and carried to your respiratory system. When this occurs, you can usually smell it. In addition, some of the ammonia will show up in your sweat which makes the odor even more noticeable.

    The smell usually isnít anything to worry about. But if it persists, you probably arenít taking in enough carbohydrates. If you emphasize carbohydrates before, during and after running and the ammonia smell is still around, you should get checked out by a physician.

    This isnít dangerous at all. But it is a not-so-subtle warning from your body that it needs more carbs (rather than more protein) to burn on long and hard training runs.

    The solution is easy: Eat more carbohydrates to fuel your muscles. Especially if youíre running longer than an hour or two your muscles crave carbohydrates which burn easier than protein. You can also do this by taking in in carbohydrates while running.

    Simply drink a cold sportsdrink (which has carbohydrates) every 15-20 minutes while running. If your carbohydrate intake is adequate to fuel your running, the ammonia smell should disappear. Your body will still be producing ammonia, but you probably wonít be able to smell it."

    I increaed my cabs, and the proble subsided. Also I gained more enrgy for my workouts.

    Hope this helps

  12. i will surely give it a shot i will be having a huge week coming up.

  13. Do you think citrulline malate can help bind to the excess ammonia and then it can be excreted more?

  14. i wont try and pretend i know so what would the citrulline malate do in this case? So far i have tryed consuming more carbs and electrolytes and so far so good but i havnt done anything heavy due to a lack of time monday i will be having a good day .Work day of 8-10 hrs i have a bike ride of about 120k to to do then later my session at the gym.

  15. I've been getting a weird smell from my pits lately. Can't really say it's "amonia-y" but I'll take note when it happens again-for some reason I think it has metallic tones in the odor. I thought it my have been my deodorant, but maybe it's this...I'll try upping my carbs and see what happens.


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