Advice please!

  1. Advice please!

    Hi friends,
    I have been lifting weights for about two years steadily and I think I am now ready for taking food supplements .I eat four times daily and have seen my friends taking food supplements but I do not want to go for the local products. The food supplement should be clinically tested, standardized product with good quality ingredients. Iíve been reading a lot about Dietary supplements and wonder from where I could get the best one for myself. It would be of great help if anyone could suggest me where to look for standardized food supplements. Thanks!

  2. Standardized Food Supplements? Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure what that is. I know that different herbs come standardized however, if you could give us a little bit more information I think we would be able to help you more.

  3. Tells us what your goals are. There are SO many supplements out there that do....or are supposed to do, so many things. I'm sure that once you tell us what your aims are, you'll get some first class advice on what works best.

  4. What you are asking for is actually something that you should not want to happen. Once a supplement undergoes the process that you speak of, it can be classified as a drug by the FDA. Your post sounds like you are distrusting of supplements, but what are you looking to supplement for?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. I think "standardized" just means that it pretty much guarantes that the active incredient will be the same from batch to batch. I think it's also used to refere to the main active component within a substance. But yes, we do need to know what you need the supplements for.

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by JakeVendetta View Post
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  9. Your post is too vague. What kind of supplement are you looking into taking?


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