1. calories?

    hi there,

    im currently trying to get my diet right i have managed to get the intake of protien and carbs but am unsure how many calories a day i should be eating to bulk up i have always been tall and slender (lol) finding putting weight on a mission i am currentl only 11st hoping to put on at least another 4 not fat but muscle any info would be a great help

  2. search button these questions and it will answer all the questions your are looking for.

    Also google a BMR calculator and it will help you determine how many cals you need for maintenance (and then add on 500 or so onto it and your on your way.)

  3. As long as you feel you diet is well ballanced and has a good ratio of carbs,protein,and fat, try and eat regularly ie 5-6 times a day at around 500cals per meal (again check what your calorific intake should be for you, and add an extra 500cals per day). Keep an eye on your weight and if you're gaining more than 2lbs a weeks reduce your cals, and vice versa. But your training ie how often, how heavy, reps, sets, age, exercises, is something you need to tell us about before any realistic advice can be given. With the right direction, you could pack on some good size.

  4. Check for a BMR calculator and try to keep track of everything.

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