post PWO meal

  1. post PWO meal

    I've always been curious about the opinions I would get with posting this question. post PWO meal meaning the first good solid meal after your PWO shake.

    In my case, my PWO shake is my 4th meal of the day. Then my post PWO meal is my 5th meal of the day, and then I have one last 6th meal just before bed.

    I take in roughly 40g dex PWO with my protein, at about 6-7PM depending on when I get done working out. (yes I know this could be another 100pg thread in itself, but that's not what THIS thread is about.)

    And then when I get home I like to have a solid meal for my 5th meal of the day. My problem comes into play with it being so late at night already when I get home. On one hand this meal is generally my largest meal of the day (along with breakfast) and it comes at around 9pm at night, with obviously no physical activity coming before bedtime.....unless I get lucky.

    Generally I like this meal to be 2 chicken breasts followed by about 70-75g of carbs coming from brown rice/vegetables.

    So now you see my dilemma, It's a good solid meal with plenty of carbs and protein to recover from my workout, but it comes so late at night that I'm afraid my body is just storing half of that as fat as I sit there watching tv for the night.

    So would it be wise for me to ditch eating that big of a meal that late at night, but at the same time sacrifice on missing out on the post PWO meal to help my body recover from the training?

    Thanks for any input you guys have.

  2. Nobody has any opinions?

  3. I am pretty much doing what you are to a "T".

    How late are you getting home to get the PPWO meal?


  4. I generally get home and get it prepared in time to eat it at around 9 o clock. Works out good, because it keeps me just full enough until my very last meal of the day at like 12:30-1 when I go to bed.
  5. replace last meals carbs

    Pending on when you go to bed you shouldnt consume any carbs for a few good reasons. You need more carbs in your post work out shake. I personally due 160 g of malto-dextrose. 70 grams wont cut it, so I recommend taking those 70 gram of carbs from your last meal (brown rice and veges meal), and putting 50 grams in your Post workout shake and the other 20 either for breakfast or you preworkout meal. So that means for your last real meal it will only consist of protein and fats, which is what you want. If you eat carbs before bed, the insulin release will block receptors that increase your HGH, which is the best fat burner our bodies have. So doing only protein and fats, you stay anabolic in your sleep and also release HGH, yeah!! Your body stores about 100 grams of glucose either in your liver or your blood stream at any given time, so sticking to fats and protein for your last meal will be fine. Hope that helps.

  6. I do stick with just protein and fat for my last meal, that isn't my last meal of the day, it's my 2nd to last meal of the day. It just happens to come pretty late.
  7. Oh, I misread

    But you still should keep your carbs lighter at night, because your metabolism will naturally slow down which will leave your carbs you consume turning into stored energy (body fat) for a later time!!


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