reintroducing crabs after keto

  1. reintroducing crabs after keto

    Hey all you Keto experts out there what is the best way to reintroduce carbs after being on a keto diet, I was working with Dave Palumbo so I was on his diet which is a keto high fat high protein no carb diet for the past 9 weeks and now its time to start the transition to the offseason but I want a good way to add the carbs back in with out screwing up insulin sensitivity or cause me to spill over and start to put on what I just took off.
    He had me with no carb up meals for 7 weeks I just got to add them back in last weekend and this weekend, so I thought since I already carbed up might as well start the transition this week!

    I though about it and read some things from different sites and I thought I would add 25- 30g of complex before workout which is my first meal of the day, then about 10g from a fruit source post workout, for the first week, then the second week boost it up to 50-60g complex and 15g fruit, then 3rd week I should be back on the road and normal again. Also should I keep my fats up?

    Please let me know the best way guys I just want to do it the healthiest way and not put on anything I just lost!

  2. I saw the threads title and it took me a sec to realize that you meant to say carbs instead of crabs.
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  3. HAHHA WOW!!! I have deff been in keto way too long hahha thats too funny!

  4. Is there something else you need to tell us Freud?
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Are you calling me a cocaine addict?
    No, no, just like the smell.
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  6. IF your reintroducing carbs, i agree with sinner.... lower your fat as you up your carbs....

    I've done a VERY LOW carb diet before... dropped a good 20lbs and dropped a lot of body fat. Got the abs back... Since then, i've been trying to bulk up but do it VERY clean and keep thee abs.

    I notice my carb sensitivity will go up and down based on my diet trends over the weeks. Try to keep the fat low, and gradually up the carbs back up to normal... that is your safest bet IMO.

  7. Yo Heath, what happened to the show plans brother??

  8. not sure - crabs are high in protein arent' they?

  9. I'm also interested about this as I plan on doing CKD/anabolic diet this winter.

    I would imagine fruit with a complex carb in the morning totaling about 25~30 and then the same post workout. Adding 5~10 gr every 2days for 2 weeks. That'll put you back around 50~60 in the morning and post workout. Those are my norms. Also tradeing cal vs. cal with fat.

    This is the idea I was thinking abut useing when I had to come back. I have nothing to back this with....JMO
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