1. water/food???

    Morning everybody,

    Now, I have read for years about food and water. One author says: " drink right when done"..... another says: " drink 1-2 hours AFTER done"..... and even another says: " drink with every meal". Could I get some feedback on that subject. I have read that water interferes with proper digestion and another will say the exact opposite. Has there ever been any scientific evidence that proves what water does with food?



  2. So nobody here has any idea??? Somebody must have found something by now that proves the best way to drink water when it comes to food.

    Scott :bruce2:

  3. Never heard that one,I know with how I approach diet and using gear,I have to drink water constantly all day regardless to keep my kidneys flushed...at least a gallon or two...I've never had problems w/ digestion?the liquid goes one place,the food goes another,shouldn't matter really

  4. I ask because of the design on the stomach and how it digests food. Acid in the stomach goes into action food enters and I have heard that water impairs proper digestion and that the nutrition in the food is also impaired. I don't know.... that's why I ask.


  5. Well,that question aside,if your bodybuilding,you require constant hydration and almost forced water intake to meet your needs so its not really an issue if it does or not,its a must have.



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