Quick chicken question

  1. Quick chicken question

    Should you measure your chicken before of after you cook it? I know 8oz. is ~50gr of protein, but is that measure pre or post cooking? Im having a hard time finding an answer, thanks
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  2. i think it's before you cook it.

  3. I was under that impression also but I just wanted to make sure because I never really thought about it until I over heard some old schoolers at the gym talking about it, and made me think because I looked at my bag of chicken (GFS) and it says 4.5oz per breast 27gr of protein, but when its thawed its close to 6oz. After I cook it, its exactly 4.5oz. Thats almost 40gr a day im missing if its post cooking
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  4. Look at http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp/search/
    Breakdowns for many foods include cooked and uncooked totals.

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