Foods that Heal

  1. Foods that Heal

    Foods that Heal

    apples,Protects your heart,prevents constipation,Blocks diarrhea,Improves lung capacity,Cushions joints
    apricots,Combats cancer,Controls blood pressure,Saves your eyesight,Sheilds against Alzheimer's,Slows aging process
    artichokes,Aids digestion,Lowers cholesterol,Protects your heart,Stabilizes blood sugar,Guards against liver disease
    avocadoes,Battles diabetes,Lowers cholesterol,Helps stops strokes,Controls blood pressure,Smoothes skin
    bananas,Protects your heart,Quiets a cough,Strengthens bones,Controls blood pressure,Blocks diarrhea
    beans,Prevents constipation,Helps hemorroids,Lowers cholesterol,Combats cancer,Stabilizes blood sugar
    beets,Controls blood pressure,Combats cancer,Strengthens bones,Protects your heart,Aids weight loss
    blueberries,Combats cancer,Protects your heart,Stabilizes blood sugar,Boosts memory,Prevents constipation
    broccoli,Strengthens bones,Saves eyesight,Combats cancer,Protects your heart,Controls blood pressure
    cabbage,Combats cancer,Prevents constipation,Promotes weight loss,Protects your heart,Helps hemorroids
    canteloupe,Saves eyesight,Controls blood pressure,Lowers cholesterol,Combats cancer,Supports immune system
    carrots,Saves eyesight,Protects your heart,Prevents constipation,Combats cancer,Promotes weight loss
    cauliflower,Protects against Prostate Cancer,Combats Breast Cancer,Strengthens bones,Banishes bruises,Guards against heart disease
    cherries,Protects your heart,Combats Cancer,Ends insomnia,Slows aging process,Sheilds against Alzheimer's
    chestnuts,Promotes weight loss,Protects your heart,Lowers cholesterol,Combats Cancer,Controls blood pressure
    chili peppers,Aids digestion,Soothes sore throat,Clears sinuses,Combats Cancer,Boosts immune system
    figs,Promotes weight loss,Helps stops strokes,Lowers cholesterol,Combats Cancer,Controls blood pressure
    fish,Protects your heart,Boosts memory,Protects your heart,Combats Cancer,Supports immune system
    flax,Aids digestion,Battles diabetes,Protects your heart,Improves mental health,Boosts immune system
    garlic,Lowers cholesterol,Controls blood pressure,Combats cancer,kills bacteria,Fights fungus
    grapefruit,Protects against heart attacks,Promotes Weight loss,Helps stops strokes,Combats Prostate Cancer,Lowers cholesterol
    grapes,saves eyesight,Conquers kidney stones,Combats cancer,Enhances blood flow,Protects your heart
    green tea,Combats cancer,Protects your heart,Helps stops strokes,Promotes Weight loss,Kills bacteria
    honey,Heals wounds,Aids digestion,Guards against ulcers,Increases enery,Fights allergies
    lemons,Combats cancer,Protects your heart,Controls blood pressure,Smoothes skin,Stops scurvy
    limes,Combats cancer,Protects your heart,Controls blood pressure,Smoothes skin,Stops scurvy
    mangoes,Combats cancer,Boosts memory,Regulates thyroid,aids digestion,Sheilds against Alzheimer's
    mushrooms,Controls blood pressure,Lowers cholesterol,Kills bacteria,Combats cancer,Strengthens bones
    oats,Lowers cholesterol,Combats cancer,Battles diabetes,prevents constipation,Smoothes skin
    olive oil,Protects your heart,Promotes Weight loss,Combats cancer,Battles diabetes,Smoothes skin
    onions,Reduce risk of heart attack,Combats cancer,Kills bacteria,Lowers cholesterol,Fights fungus
    oranges,Supports immune systems,Combats cancer,Protects your heart,Stregthens respiration,
    peaches,prevents constipation,Combats cancer,Helps stops strokes,aids digestion,Helps hemorroids
    peanuts,Protects against heart disease,Promotes Weight loss,Combats Prostate Cancer,Lowers cholesterol,Aggravates diverticulitis
    pineapple,Strengthens bones,Relieves colds,Aids digestion,Dissolves warts,Blocks diarrhea
    prunes,Slows aging process,prevents constipation,boosts memory,Lowers cholesterol,Protects against heart disease
    rice,Protects your heart,Battles diabetes,Conquers kidney stones,Combats cancer,Helps stops strokes
    strawberries,Combats cancer,Protects your heart,boosts memory,Calms stress,
    sweet potatoes,Saves your eyesight,Lifts mood,Combats cancer,Strengthens bones,
    tomatoes,Protects prostate,Combats cancer,Lowers cholesterol,Protects your heart,
    walnuts,Lowers cholesterol,Combats cancer,boosts memory,Lifts mood,Protects against heart disease
    water,Promotes Weight loss,Combats cancer,Conquers kidney stones,Smooths skin,
    watermelon,Protects prostate,Promotes Weight loss,Lowers cholesterol,Helps stops strokes,Controls blood pressure
    wheat germ,Combats Colon Cancer,prevents constipation,Lowers cholesterol,Helps stops strokes,improves digestion
    wheat bran,Combats Colon Cancer,prevents constipation,Lowers cholesterol,Helps stops strokes,improves digestion
    yogurt,Guards against ulcers,Strengthens bones,Lowers cholesterol,Supports immune systems,Aids digestion


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