You guys helped with me succeed before, can u help me again?

  1. You guys helped with me succeed before, can u help me again?

    Okay just a little history to start off, I started logging on here in about Feb. of this year and I weighed in at 273 w/ a 40" waist. Im 27 yrs old and 6'1" when I started I was getting ready for a submission wrestling tournament on June 3rd and I was trying to drop to the 205-220lb division, well after extensive research and reading on this website and other I came up with only one definate thing that everyone from the novice to most expericenced trainers agreed on, To lose BF eat clean and healthy till you cant stand it and pound some HIIT cardio.
    So thats what I did. And on June 3rd I fought at 219lbs. than on July 28th I fought at 210 lbs after cutting some water.
    So thanks to all you guys for the great advice.
    Now that im 6'1" 221 about 14% bf and a 34" waist I need to start putting some muscle back on while still losing BF for my upcoming fights so Im still doing heavy cardio sessions for 20-30 min avg about 165-173 bpm w/ my hrt monitor on, and now that Im starting to lift I feel real weak through out the day. I lift at 4am every other day Im doing heavy weight 3x5 and than I drive a truck for Redbull all day after that so I have to have easy food to take with me all i have is a cooler w/ me for 10-12 hrs a day so easy and cheap is best 4 me..PS I HATE TUNA!! I am taking NOW foods whey Isolate protein, NOW foods Ultra omega-3 and Xtend BCAA's about 4 servings a day. My diet goes as follows
    4am BCAA
    Post workout 30g pro shake w/ H2O and BCAA
    6am 3 eggs on whole wheat toast or cereal and toast
    8am apple bananna and pro shake
    9am hard boiled egg w/ yolk
    11am apple and pro shake
    1pm hard boiled eggs w/ yolk and banana
    3pm x2 hard boiled eggs w/ yolk and bananna
    5pm eat chicked or pork and cottage cheese.

    Please help with my diet thanks alot.

  2. I can see how that diet helped you cut your weight. Do you know how many calories your consuming because looking at your diet I think that you might want to up your calorie intake. Now that you have added weight lifting to your schedule you will need more energy to make through your days activities and quite simply you get your energy from your calories. So I think that is very likely why you feel weak throughout the day.

    So with that said you might want to try adding in some more meat sources, because it appears that the majority of your calories are coming solely from fruit sources, which while healthy don't contain any protein and you need protein to build muscle and between your first and last meals you hardly consume any protein. A few eggs is simply not enough if you wish to pack on muscle. For someone of your weight you should easily be consuming over 300 grams of protein a day and I don't believe your near this number. Since you need something quick and convenient try looking into canned meats, such as chicken or simply make a few sandwiches on wheat bread. Load them with plenty of healthy meat sources (sliced turkey, chicken, etc.) and lay off the mayo. You could also cook yourself some chicken breasts and simply eat them cold during the day. You could also add some veggies in there. Just cook them at night and put them in Tupperware containers and take them with you throughout your day.

  3. okay ill add more protein the next few days and track it as I go, thanks Ill let ya know how I feel in a few days

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