your reps!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Exclamation your reps!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok i took up getting my body back into shape and looking good just before the summer, the summer is now coming to a close and i am satisfied w/ results SO FAR, but now i have a new plan.

    over the summer i have switched on and off KETO diet and it works great for fat loss, ive also been doing morning cardio as well as lifting. And even with all the many family vacations ive been on ive stayed pretty solid.

    BUT, now cutting is gettin near impossible, i think its because i have such a low amout of muscle, for example i bench around 140, weigh 153 and im 5 ft 10, i think im AROUND 18% BF, but my plan is to do a clean bulk and cut this KETO stuff out, time to actually get big, then when i have muscle i can cut down to something. DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A PLAN???

    i have never done anything that has to do with bulking, i will continue to search around, but any tips will be rewarded and appreciated with REPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks guys u da bomb!


  2. to be honest, at 18 - you should eat, get some BCAA, protein powder, and maybe some CEE

    stay away from any hormone bro

  3. like matthew said, CALORIES. you don't need any supplements, take in 40/40/20 as your caloric ratio (pro/carbs/fat) and focus on 1.5 grams of protein per lb of body weight. Keep your sets in the gym in the 6-8 rep range, train 4 days a week max and keep each workout session at an hour or less, remember you grow and get stron when you rest, not in the gym. concentrate on compound lifts: deadlifts, bench, BB rows, SQUAT, military press, etc..... oh did I mention SQUAT!!!... DON"T OVERTRAIN. To many young guys over complicate strengh and conditioning. All you need to focus on is the basics and do the basics to the best of your ability.

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