Poll: How many hours in between meals

Optimal time in between meals

  1. Optimal time in between meals

    I eat between 6-8 meals per day, usually spaced between 2-3hours of each other. wanted your opinions.

  2. ^^^^
    Damn you have that much free time on your hands to eat 6-8 meals everyday?

    If you ate 7meals every 2.5 hours that's 17.5 hours a day.

  3. I try to do 6.
    Atleast 3 meals, sometimes 4, and 2-3 shakes.

  4. Around that, 1st meal is usually between 7:30 and 8am and last one is around 11pm. And when I say meals, I mean everything from solid meals to shakes. 4 solid food, 3 shakes on WO days.

  5. I do every 2-3 hours. Carbs, fats, protein, every meal. Usually around 40-60 carbs, 10-15 grams of fat, and 40-50 grams of protein. I want to try Layne Norton's approach, having a meal, then having BCAA's between meals, waiting 4-5 hours between meals that way. Anyone else familiar with his approach?

  6. ive been eating 6 whole meals each day, usually 2 hours apart. SOunds like i would be a fat ass but im not. I think 3 hours is best.

  7. Nice avi PP... haha

  8. yeah you encouraged me to find one. hey, its excersize related and animated! haha.

  9. I like 2-3 as well, all dependent upon schedule.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  10. 6 meals a day , 3 hours

  11. 5-6 meals roughly three hours apart.

    If it's working for you keep doing it.
  12. ClintCanada
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    Quote Originally Posted by texxlnghorn View Post
    Damn you have that much free time on your hands to eat 6-8 meals everyday?

    If you ate 7meals every 2.5 hours that's 17.5 hours a day.
    ummmm . . . .

    How about 15 hrs --
    2 meals every 2.5 hrs = 2.5 hrs
    3 meals every 2.5 hrs = 5 hrs
    4 meals every 2.5 hrs = 7.5 hrs . . . and so on

    If you keep using math like that, when you go to finish your fence and you put in 7 posts and buy boards for 7 panels you're going to end up with left over wood . . . jk

  13. 2-4 hrs between meals, i try and make it sonner but sometimes it just doesnt work!!!

    7am - Breakfast
    10am - Snack
    1pm - Lunch
    4pm - Snack
    7pm - Dinner
    9pm - Snack

  14. 5.9 meals every 2:59

  15. I think 4 hours in between meals is essential.


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