How My Diet

  1. How My Diet

    I was just wondering if anyone can give, any suggestions on my current diet.Thanks

    1 3 whole eggs,3 whites.Oats 1/2. 2 bananas
    2 Protein shake 2 scoops,flax seed oil
    3 lean beef 93%,brown rice 1/2 cup, olive oil
    4 PWO (Waxy Maize Starch) 60 carbs
    5 protein shake 15 mins after WMS
    6 Lean beef 93%, brown rice 1/2 cup, veg
    7 protein shake 2 scoops, ANPB 2 tbsp

    I weigh 153 pounds, I was wondering if this looks pretty solid in terms, or gaining strength, and a little bit of weight. Im looking for a diet between bulking, and maintaining. Thanks for any input.Mark

  2. Add in some BCAAs with the WMS and instead of 2 bananas with breakfast, make it 1 and eat 1C of oats. Try to eat more whole foods instead of using protein shakes 3x/day. Make a sandwich if you are on the go and eat some cottage cheese and eggs before bed.

    Overall, you have a good grasp. About how many kcals are you eating?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Need more Veggies.

    What was your diet like leading into this one?

    What are the Cals/Macros?

  4. Mark, you've lost two pounds!

    A couple of good suggestions already. I agree with the extra oats suggestion and for a time saver, cut up the 1 banana and put it in the oats.

    Still don't know what your calories/day are, but you could probably throw in steamed green beans or something with the lunch and dinner.

    Also, not that beef is bad or anything, but chicken is excellent too. You could swap out one of your beef meals for chicken just to change it up a little.

    But overall you've got a really good foundation.

  5. Ectopower, I am scared to step on the scale right know, I havent worked out in like a week, moved, so have been real busy.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I try some of those ideas. I know I need to eat more vegtables. I just like beef, and dont like chicken I think it taste nasty, and I get alot of beef for cheap at the Sams Club, think its 93% lean have to check.

    I just got some WMS from Trueprotein, I have to say I am impressed no bloat, digest very fast, so I am going to start using that, mixing with creatine monohydrate, and bcaa. Thanks alot guys. Mark

  6. I forgot the Calories, i am half asleep. I have never counted them, so dont really know. I will try to add them up.


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