How My Diet

  1. How My Diet

    I was just wondering if anyone can give, any suggestions on my current diet.Thanks

    1 3 whole eggs,3 whites.Oats 1/2. 2 bananas
    2 Protein shake 2 scoops,flax seed oil
    3 lean beef 93%,brown rice 1/2 cup, olive oil
    4 PWO (Waxy Maize Starch) 60 carbs
    5 protein shake 15 mins after WMS
    6 Lean beef 93%, brown rice 1/2 cup, veg
    7 protein shake 2 scoops, ANPB 2 tbsp

    I weigh 153 pounds, I was wondering if this looks pretty solid in terms, or gaining strength, and a little bit of weight. Im looking for a diet between bulking, and maintaining. Thanks for any input.Mark

  2. Add in some BCAAs with the WMS and instead of 2 bananas with breakfast, make it 1 and eat 1C of oats. Try to eat more whole foods instead of using protein shakes 3x/day. Make a sandwich if you are on the go and eat some cottage cheese and eggs before bed.

    Overall, you have a good grasp. About how many kcals are you eating?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Need more Veggies.

    What was your diet like leading into this one?

    What are the Cals/Macros?

  4. Mark, you've lost two pounds!

    A couple of good suggestions already. I agree with the extra oats suggestion and for a time saver, cut up the 1 banana and put it in the oats.

    Still don't know what your calories/day are, but you could probably throw in steamed green beans or something with the lunch and dinner.

    Also, not that beef is bad or anything, but chicken is e****lent too. You could swap out one of your beef meals for chicken just to change it up a little.

    But overall you've got a really good foundation.

  5. Ectopower, I am scared to step on the scale right know, I havent worked out in like a week, moved, so have been real busy.

    Thanks for all the suggestions, I try some of those ideas. I know I need to eat more vegtables. I just like beef, and dont like chicken I think it taste nasty, and I get alot of beef for cheap at the Sams Club, think its 93% lean have to check.

    I just got some WMS from Trueprotein, I have to say I am impressed no bloat, digest very fast, so I am going to start using that, mixing with creatine monohydrate, and bcaa. Thanks alot guys. Mark

  6. I forgot the Calories, i am half asleep. I have never counted them, so dont really know. I will try to add them up.


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