Best Protein Bar?

  1. Best Protein Bar?

    I know protein bars arent as good as real food as I try to stay away from them most of the time. But when im in a pinch they come in handy. I've been using the EAT GOOD LOOK GREAT PURE PROTEIN bars which has 20 grams protein and claims to have 2g sugar but in reality it substitutes with 7g maltitol syrup a sugar alcohol. I was just wondering what u guys find a good and convenient Protein bar in times where another "REAL" protein source isn't available?

  2. Zero Impact by VPX is the most nutritionally sound bar IMO

  3. best tasting- promax cookies and cream. good for hardgainers.

    best quality- detour bars are pretty good nutritionally, but taste like...well...bad.

    just stay away from bars that use a lot of soy like myoplex. if they use caseins or wheys, then you just have to look at fat and sugars.

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    A sandwich?
    Bump to this. Tuna and turkey sandwiches are a big part of my diet because I am always on the run.
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    A sandwich or tunasalad in a Gladware container and I'm good to go.
    Yeah, good old Saran wrap is my friend. Sometimes, while squatting naked, I will wrap myself into a cocoon.
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    That sounds like fun. Do you spread baby oil on a smooth tile floor and play cocoon slip'n'slide?

    If your offerin', sure, why not.
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