Cut or Bulk?

  1. Cut or Bulk?

    Hey guys just wanted some advice on if you think i cut or bulk? I'm currently 5'11 and 188 pounds at 14% body fat. I would like to be 200 pounds but i would also like to have a six pack so its a hard decision. Or Should i just go for a really clean bulk and try to cut some fat as well?

  2. Just go with a lean bulk. Essentially just up your calories a small amount over your BMR so that you can still gain weight without all the inevitable fat gain of straight bulk. You won't gain weight as fast as with a true bulk, but your gains will be more lean and you'll be happier with the way you look in the mirror.

  3. Thanks man that was what i was wanting to do....straight cutting is just depressing i think

  4. Yea I agree. I can't stand watching the weights on my lifts drop.

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