Slight blurred vision in the left eye

  1. Slight blurred vision in the left eye

    After jiu jitsu practice tonight I thought my contact was blurry. However, after I took it out, I noticed my vision is slightly blurred. I can still see--when it's dark, it's not blurry at all, only in fields of light does it become blurry. Anyways I think this has happened before and when I woke up it was gone. I didn't really sleep tonight because I took RPM too late or something.

    Any ideas?

  2. Hmmm seems to have went away. I was wearing contacts though... maybe that had something to do with it?>

  3. i have this problem sometimes cuz i sleep with my contacts in all the time, or when i get sweat in my eye i notice it pretty bad. take the contacts out for a couple days and it goes away for me.

  4. .I had that problem but my vision never came back. I was sitting in class one day taking some notes and i look up to finish the last page and i couldnt see it at all. For some reason i lost my vision. Of course the doctor said i just need glasses. Its been like 9 years now an my vision still hasent come back if i didnt wear contacts they doctor said i could be claimed as blind thats how much my vision declined. I am wishing one day it will come back.

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