TOS-Thorasic outlet syndrome

  1. TOS-Thorasic outlet syndrome

    Got diagnosed with this some time back and it sucks to say the least. In summary, my biceps tendon, a nerve complex and an artery are being trapped and constricted by muscles in the deltoid and clavicular region. It feels as though on some movements, the muscles will not "fire" so to speak... Cannot do the vast majority of free weight chest movements and the same can be said for medial and anterior deltoids, including pressing movements. Thought it was just me getting lean and dry in the last month of my precontest phase...felt pretty stupid not being able to pump up backstage with db lateral raises with 10 lb dbs, lol. Also, try using 140 lb dbells for your worksets on incline db press then not being able to kick back a 30 lb dbell into position....pretty humiliating .

    Anway, receiving ART treatments and lots of stretching, etc.... Has anyone dealt with this issue or have any advice to give? Thanks in advance yall...

  2. Stretch the following:

    Pec Minor
    Pec Major (not a big culprit, but it's sister is! - minor)
    Upper Trap

    Low Trap
    Mid Trap
    ER complex (using progression from:

    You essentially need to let some tissues relax, and some get stronger to pull you into better structural alignment.

    I would definitely get ART on pec minor and your scalenes. Those are *****es for TOS, and are big culprits to it.

    Don't rush this. So what if you atrophy a little bit. I'd rather atrophy a little bit rather than brachial plexus issues. Not fun.

    EDIT: I checked back to see if you responded and forgot to mention you need to stretch your posterior capsule. Look into a "sleeper stretch" If you can't find this, let me know.

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