Eating length question

  1. Eating length question

    alright so as an example my mom hates how i let a lot of my food get cold sometimes. i just eat slowly sometimes and fast othertimes.

    is it harmfull in any bodybuilder way to eat a meal over the coarse of an hour vs 10mins? am i keeping my insulin up to high or long or something like that?

    another question about bccaas and or protein shakes. is taking sips of a shake over the course of 4 hours better then just make 2 shakes and downing one in first 5mins then take another in 3 hours. which is better for an AKA bodybuilder if it even matters

    ive been wondering about this stuff for a while.

    hope you understand my question

  2. I just looked at the post because I thought the title "eating length" As far as shakes are concerned id bet it is better to sip them because they are digested so fast. If you did this with whey I'd guess it would be the same as drinkiing a caisen product. I persoanlly will contiune to chug them though because they don't taste good enough that I want to drag it out. As for the bcaas I know that sipping is a popular way to take them.

  3. bump. i take a long time to eat my meals as well, so id like to know too, but i dont see how it could be bad for you.

  4. Don't worry about it, just eat at a comfortable pace. Taking your time, I find, is usually easier on the stomach and I'd find it very unlikely that there's an undesirable insulin response from prolonged feedings. Cold food, warm food, I don't think the stomach discriminates, but you can definitely overload your digestion by eating too much, too quickly.

    For shakes, sipping over 30 minutes does well if you're just using it as a meal. Otherwise, like if you're just trying to gain weight and eliminate as much catabolic drive as possible, you can sip protein shakes over an extended period.

  5. Anyone else have some more definitive answers?

    I usually just chug my whey shakes. If I mix BCAA's with Sunny Delight or Hawaiian Punch it tastes alright but I can still tell the BCAA's are in there so I just chug it.



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