1. Hello

    Hi there ,
    I just joined today and very glad that I found this website hoping that this forum will solve my problems and answer to my questions.

  2. This would probably be best in the "General Chat" forum...

    ...but you're new, so we can let that one slide.


  3. Feel free to post any question you might have man.... welcome aboard.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  4. Welcome and hope your expectations are met!

  5. Welcome to the site and we're glad you have already found it a great place as those of us who have been here for a while already know
  6. Hi

    Well. I like it...what a friendly crowd. Thank you for the warm welcome.
    I'm tired to search on Internet all kinds of creams or other treatments regarding the aging process. I need some suggestions ,tips and I want the best .Please help

  7. George, post a new topic in the male anti-aging forum...great group of guys over there and an amazing Doctor in Dr.John.

    You should get some good answers from them.


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