for my wife

  1. for my wife

    can anyone help me in choosing a fitness mag for my wife. she wants to start to work out, but is having a hard time getting motivated. she doesnt like me to give her advice and i would really like for her to get excited about fitness by herself. a mag with good advice on healthy nutrition, and just generally how to stay healthy and be fit.

  2. Im not very familiar with any women fitness mags, but if I were you id just go to barnes and noble and look. good luck

  3. im pretty sure my mom gets women's health(looks like men's health, but for women), but i agree w/heavyduty, just go to a book store, bc there are a bunch of women's mags out there.

  4. Yep, Women's Health seems to be the most prevelant mag for female fitness. If it's anything like Men's Health it would be ideal for beginning things.,00.html
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  5. thanks guys

  6. Oxygen magizine is better. It has more stuff on fitness/nutrition. My wife reads it. Womens health is more ads.

  7. my girlfriend has gotten the oxygen mags before, she likes the articles and stuff in there, i dont mind the pictures.

  8. I like women's heath, shape, self and fitness ... shape and self are more like a healthy image version of cosmo.

  9. You could also check out "Shape" magazine

    edit: I see the person above me already mentioned it. My woman likes Shape and Self.


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