My kids nutrition/eating habbits.....Need opinions

  1. My kids nutrition/eating habbits.....Need opinions

    I have a 2 1/2 year old at home. I noticed the other day when we went to the beach his phyisce has really changed over the past 6 months.

    Now before you say "WTF he's 2 1/2 it'll change as he gets older" His dipear or clothes size hasn't changed much in the past 6 months. He has gained about 4lbs. since his winter check up. He weighs about 42lbs. Im about 5'9" and he comes up to just under waist line. Hes a big boy, people comment about how big his legs are all the time. Every day we go outside and play for about 1-2hr before he needs to go down for a nap (makes nap time a h e l l of a lot easier)

    As i was looking at him thinking what the heck made him change so much, he's 2 he doesnt lift. Then it hit me. I've been home way more since ball and school have been over. Almost every meal he eats with me during the day then when i leave for work moms home and makes a wholesome dinner.

    In the morning he usually eats 2 whole eggs, 1 packet oatmeal and some OJ diluted in water, or My protein pancakes I make

    For lunch im eating chicken and rice or somthing of that nature and he always wants some of what Im having so i'll give him about an 1/8 cup with about 2 oz chicken. He'll eat that ontop of usually a PB&J and some apple seauce or somthing to that nature. If I eat a can of tuna he'll want some so i'll give him a few ounces, or if it be a shake he wants one too (he loves my banana protein w/ a lil banana in it). Infact the other night we went to the frigde cause he said he was hungry and of everything he dug for a can of tuna and ate the whole thing. Last weekend the wife said to me jokingly "why does he always say he's hungry, do you deprive him of food" He eats with my every 2hr or so

    Now he stil eats kid food fruit snakcs, mac & cheese, and occasionly McDonalds but not that much. He doesnt really want it he'd much rather have fruit or veggies and what not.

    I dont force my eating ways on him at all, I mean hes 2. Theres a good amount of things that he'll want so I give him some and he doesnt like it at all.

    Do you think this could have any neg. sides to him eating like this, this young? Maybe burn out or somthing? I'd honestly have to say he gets about a 30/50/20 split of low GI, lean meats, somewhat healthy fats a day.

    I mean im happy he's makeing healthy choices , but do you guys think its good hes eating like this.
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  2. lol. it looks to me as if your kiddy looks up to you as a dad and developed into your eatting habits :P. i dont see a problem with his eatting habits tho. not sure if what we eat is supposed to be good for him tho.

  3. It is a hell of a lot better diet than most children. As long as he is in a healthy weight range, I don't think that there would be a problem with it. I would say that you are very lucky that your child doesn't like fast food and actually likes to eat fruits and veggies.
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  4. I agree, compared to what most parents nowadays are feeding there kids, it sounds like a healthy diet.

  5. As a parent I have no problem with the diet, just b/c of the weight. You dont want the weight getting too high. My daughter is 4.5 and is only 40lbs which is high for a 4.5 year old

  6. I think teaching him to eat healthy now is great. Might cut back on the protein powder pancakes. I'm not sure how easy it is for him to digest. But overall if it does'nt seem like it is hurting him..good job dad!

  7. Better not let him catch you lifting!! lol. He will start curling the house cat and squating the dog!

  8. I think this is great, but the question is when does the test shots start? If you loved your son you'd give him some test, lol

  9. Definetly think this is good. Eating habits and food preferences always start at a young age... I think you are setting your child on the right path.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns View Post
    Definetly think this is good. Eating habits and food preferences always start at a young age... I think you are setting your child on the right path.
    And helping make him a beast at a young age

  11. I wouldnt have a clue but I can see a possibility that 2 whole eggs per day might be abit too much cholestrol for him. (keep in mind mcdonalds is very low in cholesterol)

  12. If he is active, eats healthy foods, doesn't have a family history of high cholesterol, and isn't overweight, there's probably not much cause for concern.

    Cholesterol is actually a vital steriod for growth and development in young children. The average recommendation per day for children ages 2 and up is around 300mg/dl per day. One egg dependent on size offers about 180-200 mg/dl of cholesterol, which would put him right on par with set limits. If he eats an abundance of other animal type products it might be best to switch to one egg for breakfast, you just have to do some quick calculations on your part.
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  13. Thanks for the feed back guys. I'll check into the cholesterol, I dont think there is much of a history for it on my wifes side. I will also try to cut down one egg, but will have to add some more oatmeal, the kids an eating machine some

    As far as his weight range goes, he's in the 97% for his age on the height scale. I stil dont know what he's height is. The doctor hasn't said anything about his weight beeing a problem. If he's hungry within reason we'll feed him and same goes for if we ask him to eat and he says "No thanks, i not hungry now. In a little bit" lol.

    Chaps, in makeing my son a beast. This morning I was doing push ups to asses my shoulder pain (injury) and he asked me what i was doing and after I told him of course he wanted to try........what a ya know he pumped out 3 modified (on knees) push-ups. He can only hold himself up in a regular push up position for about 3 seconds before crumbling.

    So i guess im lucky we dont have a cat or dog for him to curl or
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  14. LOL, sounds like you got yourself quite the son.
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  15. ya deffinately sounds like ur son is on the right path.


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