Carbs after emty stomach HIIT cardio ?

  1. Carbs after emty stomach HIIT cardio ?

    25 years , slow metabolism.
    Current morning routine:
    06.30 wake up
    07.00 termogenics
    07.30 BCAA (5gr) + HIIT session
    08.00 - Whey + 5gr glutamin

    The question is:
    next meal at 09.00am:
    Protein + Fat
    Protein + Carbs (Low GI - oats)

  2. Me personally i always go with low GI carbs after my morning cardio because i dont want a huge insulin spike. My understanding is that the low GI carbs will help keep you burning fat longer.

  3. I asked this afew days ago aswell.
    Your metabolism would be raised after cardio so anything you eat would be more likely burned for energy rather than stored compared to eating it at another time of the day but why not take advantage of your body being in a state of fat burning and continue to starve it of carbs.

  4. Unless your goal is muscle loss I think you would be foolish not to have some carbs after high intensity exercise.

  5. BCAAs ftw!

  6. I don't know about doing HIIT on an empty stomache. I usually just do light cardio on an empty stomache and HIIT later in the day. Because of the intensity I'd think you would lose some muscle doing it on an empty stomache even if you eat something afterward. HIIT works based on a metabolism spike, not what you burn during the excercise. Maybe it works if you have a slow metabolism, but I can't imagine doing HIIT on an empty stomache and not losing muscle.


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