Giving blood and workout out - not at the same time of course

  1. Giving blood and workout out - not at the same time of course

    So I want to get on a hardcore 4 week lift/cardio before an upcoming vacation. I just got all my supps in order (RPM, BCAAs, etc.). Well today I find out that the bloodmobile is coming to my workplace. I feel guilty for not giving blood b/c of my blood type and b/c I never have a problem giving, it's easy for me. My question is, how badly will this affect my lifting over the next week or two? Will I be noticeablly weaker or get fatigued more easily? Anyone have experience or knowledge on this?

  2. I fully support donating blood, I think it is a great thing to do...but by doing so you are robbing your body of oxygen, thus decreasing your strength and endurance. If you are lifting heavy and have good strength, don't do it. You will come back weaker, and it will take you a few weeks to be back to normal. If anyone argues with this, to each their own. Many people react differently as well, I personally wouldn't take the chance.

  3. From my personal experience, I had blood drawn at the hospital and 3 days later i went to the gym and felt the same way i had before i lost the blood. Everybody will react differently i suppose but i wouldnt risk it if its not necessary.

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