Nutrient Ratios.....?

  1. Nutrient Ratios.....?

    I see that a lot of people here are eating protein amouts that a pretty high....40-50%....and low on carbs....30-40%. I always thought that if too big of a percent of you calories were protein, your body would learn to use protein as an energy source rather than building mass. I know for a cutter you should up protein and cut carbs. Say for a lean bulk, What ratios would you use? Should protein be cycled to avoid putting your body into a protein wasting state, due to too much excess protein?

  2. anyone?

    Have I stumped you guys? Can anyone help? I would really appreciate it.

  3. Short answer: No - protein doesn't need to be cycled. You should keep a minimum of 1g per lb of bodyweight in your diet, IMHO, whether bulking or cutting.

    I'm running out the door right now, but here are a couple articles you might find interesting to read in the meantime.

    Dieting by Percentages, Part 1
    Dieting by Percentages, Part 2

  4. protein

    Thanks for those articles. Question: It suggest all that is needed is one gram per pound. Again, people have up to 50% protein here with likely 3-4k+ calorie diets. That 2grams per pound plus. Where does the extra protein go? If you have too much, isn't that just wasted cals?

  5. Your body will use protein if it's the only available source for an extended period of time and after all other sources have been expunged and exhausted.



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