Too Many Carbs?

  1. Too Many Carbs?

    I dont know how many carbs i need to be taking in for my diet.

    I thought they were for energy, now for gaining weight, and im just confused

    Alright im 5'7 156 lbs.

    How many carbs should I be eating to lets say, lose belly fat but maintain muscle?

  2. How much are you doing now?

    You'll gain weight in the presence of a caloric excess. Carbs do get stored in muscle tissue and will help you with high intensity workouts, so they do help your potential for gaining muscular strength/size. Some people are more sensitive to storing fat, though.

    For your weight and goals I'll throw out these numbers.
    200g carbs, 250g protein, and 50-70g fat
    It might not be as fast at losing your belly fat as some other low carb methods, but I think you could make progress if you're consistent with the diet and working out, and even still make strength gains while your waist tightens.

  3. well about 350. i eat a lot of wheat bread and pasta and rice. that sounds like way too much. i will cut out some pasta and rice. alright thanks for clearing that mess up for me though.

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