Question about Post W/O Nutrition before going to bed?

  1. Question about Post W/O Nutrition before going to bed?

    I work graveyards and get off of work at 730 am almost every morning. The best time for me to workout is right after work and right before I hit the hay. Am I going to be totally screwd up nutrition wise by taking my post workout cocktail and then going to bed? I wish i could workout at a diffrent time but its doesnt workout for me.

  2. I used to do this as well. I would just take my PWO shake, do anything I needed to do before bed besides brushing my teeth, and then eat another meal like oats with peanut butter and then hit the hay.

    If you just want to eat then immediately crash, go for a calorie-dense shake or meal so your body has lots to feed on while you sleep.

    I did some of my best growing working a graveyard. No worries man.

  3. ^^^^ Good reply there

    Along with that peanut butter sandwich shortly after your PWO shake (30 mins, or after your shower is fine) try to down some casein protein. Peanut butter sandwich plus cottage cheese FTW!
    I suppose sleeping shortly after your workouts could theoretically be beneficial. Recovery takes place in sleep, so hittin' the rack right after grinding out some training may have some perks, but what do I know. I'm makin' **** up again... lol

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