My new diet, well, kinda...

  1. My new diet, well, kinda...

    My soso diet of the past 3-days....

    Ok, I've been going for 5-6 smaller meals a day eaten every 3hrs, which has served kinda difficult since really I don't get hungry that much...

    My first meal just depends on when I get up and then they start to progress every 3hrs...

    Meal 1---Whole Grain Ultra Lean Pocket (yes I know not to good but it was day 1 ok)

    Meal 2---Protein Shake 48gr

    Meal 3---Big Salad with light dressing

    Meal 4---Protein Shake 48gr & a bananna

    Meal 5---South Beach Diet entre (not to good I know)

    Meal 6---Black Beans & 2-Hardboiled egg whites

    DAY 2:

    Meal 1---Whole Grain Ultra Lean Pocket (only got 3-left)

    Post workout shake---48gr

    Meal 2---Chicken & Rice

    Meal 3---Black beans & 1 hard boiled egg white

    Meal 4---Protein Shake 48gr, 1 hard boiled egg white, rice, chicken

    Meal 5---Chicken & Rice

    Meal 6--- Haven't ate it yet but plan on having more chicken...

    Don't be to harsh on my now I know this isn't the best but I've also never spaced my meals out before and some days I really only snack all day or maybe eat 2 meals a day... My chicken is cooked on the George Foreman Grill too...

    Also, will be adding cottage cheese, tuna, oatmeal into my days as well, just not the past few... This is my FIRST actual meal plan that I have made up I believe so I've taken the first step... Thanks for reading...

  2. So, nobody has the time to write anything down for me hey... No worries...

  3. Hey bro..I can tell by your post that you already know it is not sooo good but compared to a plate of bacon or chicken wings its better

    I am writing to say Hey simply because I dig your username 01yz426 ..I am hardcore into MX as well. So, shout out!

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