1. coffee

    coffee is the best thing ever. who needs pre workout sups when you got coffee? i cant believe i have not been a coffee drinker up until last week. and i also cant believe how much better it is than any energy drink.

  2. be careful with the coffee consumption. It can lead to quite an addiction and stained teeth, ulcers, cortisol...

  3. but i love it

  4. Haha...I am too...I'm just sayin.

  5. Try a starbucks double expresso if you want your world rocked.

    I drunk one of those a few days ago and though I was going to have to go snort coke to come down.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  6. coffee cleans out the colon real good too. it seems like it visibly dries me out as well too.

    i dont know if i can handle a double espresso yet. am still a noob when it comes to coffee

  7. It drys you out becuase it is a mild diuretic...

  8. Coffee is a liver protectant and also prevents/delays the onset of parkinson's disease. Just don't consume too much because it also contains powerful central nervous system stimulants.

    Coffee may help protect against liver cancer - Cancer -

    Coffee prevents Parkinson's disease - Health Minutes 01/05/2003

  9. Another tip is to "cycle" coffee in a way. After a good couple months of coffee drinking (1-3 cups per day), I go a full week without it, and then when I start drinking it again, man...rockin'.


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