Cinnimon... added into oats?

  1. Cinnimon... added into oats?

    As of late, I've been destroying box after box of these "Carb Watchers" oatmeal packets. Not that I'm really watching my carb intake, but I was looking for added flavor but without 13g of sugar per packet (I was eating 2/3 packets at a time).

    I have a tub of the good ol' Quaker Quick Oats downstairs, and I'm wondering what I can add to it to give me some flavor, in a healthy way. So I was thinking adding cinnimon... then I came to think, WHAT IS CINNIMON? From the google searches I found online, it's not sugar, and can actually negate the negative effects of sugar (read an article on how cinnimon can be beneficial to type II Diabetes patients).

    Could not find though if it's a good idea to eat cinnimon every morning, as I do with oatmeal. And if any of you out there do this, could you tell me how much is a good amount to add? Say a teaspoon or two, something like that.

    Or... of course... if there is even a better flavor to throw in there, please do tell! I love oatmeal too much...


  2. I add about a tsp with some splenda, vanilla, and almonds or cashews.
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  3. I add protein powder to my oats. thats interesting about cinnimon.

  4. Cool, thanks for the replies... got some new things to try

  5. Cinnamon is great! Maybe some vanilla, as was mentioned. Fruit and/or a small amount of honey can go a long way.

  6. Cinnamon is a really good glucose disposal agent. I usually put a tsp in my oats every day. Taste really good mixed with butterbuds.
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  7. i mix natty peanut butter in mine.
    sometimes just raisons by themselves.

  8. I second the vanilla extract.

    And yeah, cinnamon is a spice. Spices are generally calorie free, and this one tends to show regulating effects on insulin/blood sugar levels.

    Maybe just add bits of fruit along with it, like blueberry or strawberry? Neither would be a bad combo with vanilla and cinnamon. Sure, you're getting a bit of sugar, but some fiber and a lot of nutrients along with it....

  9. Cinnamon with chopped apple (apple juice will do in a pinch) is great in plain oatmeal.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by AnonyMoose View Post
    i mix natty peanut butter in mine.
    That sounds good, going to have to try that out myself.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  11. I might just have to make a jungle-juice mix... put every single ingredient proposed in this thread into the same bowl of oatmeal
    too many good ideas to choose just one, thanks again! this will keep oatmeal in my breakfast for months to come, for sure

  12. i believe Cinnamon also regulates insulin. You can even get it in tablet form where the herbals are in most health food stores.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by prld2gr8ns View Post
    That sounds good, going to have to try that out myself.

    i like the chunky pb the best - enjoy bro.


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