Too much anti-ox, such a thing?

  1. Too much anti-ox, such a thing?

    As the title says, can you take too much anti oxidents? Is there a point of diminishing returns? I can't imagine there is just because of the high amount of free radicals, but I try to have 5 servings of fruit and another 3 or 4 of veggies a day, plus both super antioxident and ECGC (both from NOW foods). Am I wasting my time with the supplements, or the more varieties of anti-ox sources the merrier?

  2. Hey bro i take a multi with a veggie/fruit anti-oxidents in it plus coQ-10 and tons of veggies in my diet. I don't think you can go overboard...unless you consume to much vitamin A or E..they are both powerful anti's but they store in your liver and fat cells so be careful on high doeses of these. Hope that helps.

  3. Its probably not "too much antioxidants". However, variety is probably important. Even vitamin C can turn pro-oxidative when quantities are high enough.

    So, switch it up. That should go for the fruits, veggies, and supplement sources.

  4. im really intrested in this also , im ordering Super Antioxidant and/or Mangoni Concentrate.

  5. I read somewhere that too many anti-oxidants are counter-productive to you.... I personally believe that this has merit to it, but probably refers to too much of one particular type of anti-oxidant. Ex. Too much vitamin E... free radicals can cause vitamin E to become free radicals by damaging it's structure....
    I take a crap-load of things that are considered anti-oxidants or to have anti-oxidant properties. Don't megadose one product, that's just dumb. I take:
    A good multi
    mental clarity
    Rainbow Lightning *the bomb*
    chinese pine pollen
    Lean Green
    Holy Basil

    I get a ton of anti-oxidants, but from different products and different compounds. It's not like I'm buying one particular anti-oxidant supplement and popping 4x the dose to become "superman" lol

  6. Good thinking on forces part.

    To add, I would even cycle the antis. So not a whole bunch of different kinds every day, but 2/3s of them (or something like that) at any given time, in a sort of random rotation.


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