maintance diet

  1. maintance diet

    is this a good maintance diet for 6'2 180Lbs will i lose any of my muscle

    6:00- 1 yogurt, 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup strawberries, 1 scoop whey with milk
    381Cal 5Fat 44Carb 40Pro
    9:30-8oz cottage cheese, 20oz water
    183Cal 1Fat 0Carb 28Pro
    11:00- 2 chicken breast, 3/4 cup brown rice, 1 cup fruit,1 cup salad, 20oz water
    396Cal 6Fat 36Carn 54Pro
    1:30- 5ozchicken1cup fruit,1cup veg,1servingtuna,1/2 cup brown rice,20oz water
    319Cal 5Fat 22Carb 40Pro
    Pre- Isopure, slice multi grain
    277Cal 1Fat 27Carb 40Pro
    Post- 4 servings tuna, bowl oatmeal, 8oz milk
    437Cal 8Fat 27Carb 64Pro
    Diner- 5oz salmon fillet, 1cup fruit, 20 oz water
    217Cal 13Fat O Carb 26Pro

    2143Cal 39Fat 156Carb 292Pro
    351 Fat Cal

  2. Just judging from your first two lines which I did not even make it past, it seems to me that you are misjudging your caloric intake. Yogurt typically ranges from 10 - 15 gm carbs a single serving size, Oatmeal (Old Fashion) is typically 54 gm carbs for 1 cup, Strawberries have around 13 gm per cup, Milk around 13 gm per cup and then your whey could possible include some carbs. Even if you were counting net carbs the oatmeal alone would still have 46 carbs per a cup. I would say that first meal has more like 100 gm of carbs give or take a few.

  3. most cottage cheese has baout 7 carbs too, and you listed 0.
    You might want to push the milk serving out a bit from the post w/o as to not slow down prot asorb

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