Blunting insulin spike of maltodextrin?

  1. Blunting insulin spike of maltodextrin?

    I really like the Nlarge2 weight gainers,they really help me pack on solid weight real quick.I was wondering if it was a good idea to blunt the insulin response of the maltodextrin by adding a tablespoon of virgin olive oil (except for the postworkout drink,which I'll add in 16oz. orange juice instead)

    If it's a fast burning carb (though classified as complex because of it's structure or whatever) and the insulin spike is blunted,wouldn't it act as a true complex carb,thus making it healthier then if it was consumed straight up? Or is it still crap because it's maltodextrin no matter how you cut it?
    Don't know why it has such a bad rep,I get great pumps from it ,alot energy and solid weight gains within a few weeks of taking maltodextrin based gainers.

  2. Adding fat to a carb in order to lower it's GI is just going add extra calories and increase the possibility for fat storage. If the goal is to achieve a lower GI effect you are better off using a lower GI carb.

    How is straight malto not a 'true' complex carb? The complexity of a carb refers to its chemical structure not how it acts.

    I give maltodextrin and dextrose thumbs down firstly because they are empty calories. Most other foods that use them are called junk food. Secondly there have been studies that show that weightlifting does not deplete glycogen sufficiently to warrant a carb with that high of GI.

    Here's a thread with some good info: cranberry juice PW

    There will be a test on it later

  3. It may be a complex carb but like it's still a high GI fast burning carb,that's what I meant.
    It seems to work great for me,even if it is an empty carb.For some reason I respond really really really good to it.Nlarge 2 weight gainers anyways.

  4. Why not go with oats? They are a complex carb, and you can get them for $1/lb at any local grocery store. There is nothing special about n2large. You are responding well to the calories, not the malto.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DougMan View Post
    There is nothing special about n2large. You are responding well to the calories, not the malto.

  6. I'd say adding fat to the gainer is a bad idea. I think the absorption would still happen too quick for any encapsulation by the fat to occur. Then you've still got the insulin spike, but now in the presence of more available calories to be stored as fat. Not so good. It might help some, but don't add a whole lot if you try it.

    I don't think you're going to hear what you want to, but it is probably the case you're just responding well because the gainer is a convenient way to get more calories in the diet. If you like it just keep using it as is, you probably won't develop insulin problems unless you're frequently abusing sugars over a long term.

    But if you're worried about it still, switch to the good whole food carbs like is suggested here. Any is fine, rice, grits, cornbread, potatoes, but you can eat those with some fat like almonds, flax, peanut butter, eggs and digestion will be slower and insulin levels more balanced. Easy way to get more calories instead of the gainer.


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