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    Hey mates, I have been away for a while but its good to get back to AM. One thing I often meant to ask is as follows;

    There are tons of sample menus on this site..most with macro breakdowns...noone ever lists what they are drinking and how much. I absolutely love milk (1%) - now, i know milk has some fat in it. Is this a good thing for me. I drink close to 2 liters a day. I do not like pop, but i do enjoy fruit juices..the sugar always scares me this sugar ok as it is fruit sugar?

    Thanks for the replies.

  2. In short, no. Sometimes a lot of sugar is a lot of sugar. Same goes for the milk, although its not quite as high. Your insulin is probably still elevated throughout the day. Might be good for short term bulking (with some fat gain), but not worth it in the long run, IMO.

  3. ok.

    so, that being said all your drinking is water?

  4. Mostly water, with one or two alcoholic drinks with meals (which can actually help regulate insulin levels. Beer, wine, or spirits, not mixers or coolers.), some tea and coffee.

    All water is definitely doable though, if you don't want the alcohol or caffeine.

  5. When I'm really working on a goal, all I will drink is water. and usually a cup of coffee in the morning.

  6. Water, Crystal Light, Propel, unsweetened hot tea and 12-16oz of skim milk everynight...

    That is all I drink.


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