Moderate carbs diet

  1. Moderate carbs diet

    Around how many carbs daily would be optimal to consume in order to lose/maintain fat loss and still make significant strength gains while training. Im currently getting 100-150g carbs a day <mostly before and after WO>, wondering if this is too low. Im not cutting or bulking but more biased toward making strength/muscle gain.

  2. In my experience, that's not too low. I weigh 180lbs at 10% (maybe less bf), and thats the most i get on training days. I also don't lift for size, but I am gaining in strength steadily(which is almost always accompanied by some hypertrophy). I also only eat carbs from fruit/vegetable sources.

  3. Yeah concentrate on getting your carbs from whole food sources and be less concerned with how much. That doesnt mean eat a bunch of bread either. Bread is refined and usually contains other junk that will make fat hard to get rid of. What works for me is limiting bread altogether but when I do eat it, I only eat a specific bread made by "Trader Joes" called artisan whole wheat bread, its ingredients include stone ground wheat and water.It has no hfcs, no sugar, no crap. I eat 3 fruits a day a bowl of plain oats in the morning and veggies twice a day and the fat is melting off daily.

  4. Yeah, to be more specific: I eat one piece of fruit for breakfast, usually berries or an apple. Usually, the only other time i'll have fruit is post workout, when i might have a banana. Other than that my highest carb source is probably beer, i drink about 2 per day. I never eat fruit at night.

  5. appreciate the advice guys. im trying to get my bench max up at least 40lbs within the next two-three months , im stuck at 305 for some time now. gonna add more carbs pre-WO <40-50g> and see how it goes from there. then again it might be more of a training issue than diet.

  6. Whoa thats a big bench... I have no advice on that as I have yet to break 240

  7. As long as there are enough carbs so that your muscles aren't flat and you're not vegged out like a zombie ,I have tried low carb diets and went totaly whacked out because of it.I think high carbs are great for weight gain though being that it bloats up the muscles and allows you to lift more-Well,for me at least.


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