Eggs/Cottage Cheese in a protein shake question

  1. Eggs/Cottage Cheese in a protein shake question

    If you take hardboiled eggs and put them in a blender with your protein shake do they digest any slower do to being whole foods before being blended or due to be blended does it make them digest quicker then when they are whole. I know eggs digest slow and cottage cheese digests slower but when I have heard liquid meals digest much faster regardless. Thanks for the help hope it all makes sense guys

  2. You basically chewed them really well...

  3. instead of buying pro complex, or caesine, u basically made ur own mix. I will sometimes od this, I think it taste very creamy with cottage cheese.

  4. Since I have found this trick out it has helped alot and a whole lot cheaper

  5. Yea, i love cc. More ideas, try adding fat free sugar free jello to the mix. It makes it like a mouse, and is very yummy. I just add two spoons to my shake.

  6. Why use hardboiled? I love hardboiled eggs, but if you are adding them to a shake, why not just use raw eggs?

  7. They say that avidin in egg whites binds to biotin in the yolks. Cook your whites, and the avidin is denatured.

    Raw yolks don't seem to pose much of a problem other than a very small salmonella chance.

  8. According to Bobo the whole avidin thing is splitting hairs. If you want use liquid egg whites from your local grocery store. If you are fortunate enough to be close to a Gordon's food store ( - located in the midwest) you can get 30lbs of egg whites for $20. I used to love doing that when I was in Michigan. Now that I am in Connecticut the best I can do is buy the liquid egg whites that come in 16oz. containers for 2/piece.

    These are just as good as the egg whites you can buy from .

    So go to, read the hype and get excited, then go to your local grocery store and get the same product for half the cost and enjoy.


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