protein or Weight gainer??

  1. protein or Weight gainer??

    I respond really really well to weight gainers and protein shakes but I was wondering which I should take in terms of overall health?
    The cons of the WG is that I become tired and hypoglycemic an hour or so after I drink it but then I get this state where I become really pumped and amped up from all the carbs/protein once it all gets absorbed.The only problem is that I get this empty groggy 'flat' feeling in my head ,like I am in a trance if I don't eat anything two hours or so after drinking it,especialy at work if I don't get a break.
    Protein shakes work real well but it makes my turds clumpy and hard.I add fiber and it's like it makes the volume even more so! this is me on the toilet! lol

    Also I don't know if it's the protein or what but I feel really alert almost a little too alert whenever I take in more then 45 grams of protein at once (without carbs like maltodextrin)
    But the thing is,I respond to these supplements real well- the only drawback is that it seems to effect me mentaly and emotionaly.I seem to react with neurotic like symptoms,anxiety,exreme alertness,aggressiveness,moody .
    The WGs seem to do me the most good but I am a little concerned about the maltodextrin content,though I put on weight soo easily that I never want to go off them once I start...

    Maybe cycle weight gainers,then maintain with protein shakes later on??

  2. lactose intolerance perhaps?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by dlew308 View Post
    lactose intolerance perhaps?
    I think I may be one of the few that can't tolorate Phenylanlanine or whatever it's name is.On the back of most if not all whey/WGs they have warnings for people that may not be able to metabolize it. But the WGs work REAL WELL so I might just tough it out til I gain some weight again.

    I am lactose intolorant as well..

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