How offten do you change your diet?

  1. How offten do you change your diet?

    Just wondering how often do you change your diets?

    I've been on my diet for 12 weeks and the results are good but thinking of changing it. To kind of shock my body.

    Do you rotate diets i.e CDK,40/40/20, Carb Cycle ect

  2. I have been carb cycling for 5-6 weeks, and just the other day I started upping my carbs and lowering my fats slightly... and it seems like I'm losing weight faster now. No idea why that's happening.

  3. I was really thinking of cycling carbs b/c ive been on a 40/40/20 split.. I'm still trying to cut down... I'm down about 15 lbs since March...

  4. Mine is varied throughout the week and always changes. Would hate to give it up. I generally eat heavy for 24 hours after my heavy workout, then start eating light again. About 5 nights a week I will go without anything but water for 12-16 hours. Usually stopping eating at 5, but sometimes skipping breakfast instead.

    My fruit (carb) intake tends to increase for the two days leading up to my heavy workout. Then, lower carb follows, with about one piece of fruit and two beers per day. Glycogen levels are lower by the time i get to my more intense/anaerobic endurance workouts.

  5. Change your diet whenever you aren't getting results

    What I mean is that you should be keeping a constant gauge of your progress, things such as weight, body measurements, lifts and then use that determine if you need to change up the diet. There is no real need to do something completely different if you are happy with your current diet. If 40/40/20 is working for you and you cutting 1 or 2 a week then when you stall just lower the calories. There is no need to say, well sorry carbs you have to go. Lower your total calories, increase your cardio or make some other change to increase your calorie deficit.

    I would recommend (there is a whole chapter on coming up with number of calories to consume)
    to get an idea on how many calories you actually need, and coming up with a plan.

    Or if you want to save yourself a ton of time, just sign up with the clown, .
    I have been with him since mid-January and I am down 24 lbs, while maintaining all my strength. Sure I look skinny (6'1' 168, 28.5" waist), but I hear he runs a mean bulk as well

    Don't fall into the trap of thinking you need to "shock" your body and be miserable to get results. I would highly recommend either of the above sources to get a game plan that has some science behind it.

  6. Thanks alot guys... When I posted this tread, i was over trained. I didn't think i would get to that point but it happens after 14 weeks... So I'm at the end of my week off and i was losing on my 40/40/20 diet..I may have to say with it...


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