too much salmon

  1. too much salmon

    can I eat too much salmon? i read a piece by Jay Cutler and he said he prefers to stay away from too much salmon because it has a lot of fat.

    i know that the fat in salmon's it the good type of fat but I was just wondering if too much of a good thing (salmon) can turn into too much of a bad thing.

  2. Of course it's possible to eat too much Salmon, just like it's possible to drink too much water. As long as the fat and calorie content of the Salmon fits into your daily requirements, there should be no problem.

    How much Salmon are we talking about anyways? I ate one meal of up to 9 ounces of Salmon everyday for 3.5 months while dieting for my show and I didn't run into any problems; other than never wanting to eat fish again, that is.

  3. I wish it were possible for me to eat too much salmon, but it is a little too pricey. As with anything, you can overdo salmon, but the EFAs are very healthy so feel free to eat it everyday, just don't make it your primary whole food protein.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. too much salmon?

    The previous two replies were very good. I suppose you could eat too much could eat too much of about anything.

    I doubt however, in the context of what you are asking and your overall diet, that you are going to eat too much of it. A better question and response would include some discussion about the source of the salmon. Not all may agree, but I personally would highly recommend that you ONLY eat wild salmon, particularly wild Alaskan salmon. Also, the flash frozen wild salmon is actually better, in most cases, than fresh salmon. The reason is that it is flash frozen within a few hours of being caught, after being kept on ice. So it is normally more fresh than "fresh".

    Farm raised salmon usually has an additive fed to the salmon to turn the meat pink. I do not recommend it. There are other important reasons to not purchase and support farm raised salmon, but I will not go into that here.

    I do not know where you live, but if you are close to a Trader Joe's, they have some excellent salmon products. They have wild Alaskan salmon that is very good, as well as a very good canned wild Alaskan salmon. I have been known to open a can and eat the entire contents in one seating, but that's really more than a person needs at once. A half can would be the other half for later.

    Finally, I would definitely highly recommend salmon over tuna...much less mercury.

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